April 24th, 2018
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Tonar Industries, Inc. is a United Chemi-Con franchised distributor. United Chemi-Con is the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in North America. Products include solid conductive polymers, and aluminum; high temperature and high-vibration resistant capacitors; multilayer ceramics with radically improved Y5U and new X5R and X7R dielectrics all available in surface mount, radial or snap-in style. In addition to electrolytic capacitors, UCC also manufactures a wide range of film capacitors and an established line of metal oxide varistors.

U37L Power Inverter Large Can Capacitor


The U37L series is a longer life version of the U37 grade series and is specifically designed to provide the ripple current capability and long life required for high reliability inverter applications. The U37L has an endurance rating of 10,000 hours at +85ºC with the rated ripple current applied. The useful life can exceed 175,000 hours at +40ºC and 2x the ripple current.

These capacitors are available in a variety of high current English or Metric thread terminals. Mounting options include a three-footed clamp or bottom threaded stud. Custom designs are also avaiable.

  • Capacitance range: 1,500 to 18,000uF
  • Voltage range: 350 to 500 Vdc
  • Leakage current: 0.02CV (uA) or 5mA, whichever is smaller, after 5 minutes at +25ºC
  • Standard +/-20%
  • Nominal case size (D x L): D = 50mm (2.000") to 89mm (3.500"); L = 92mm (3.625") 219mm (8.625")


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Snap-in & Radial Tubular Capacitors


United Chemi-Con is currently promoting large can, snap-in capacitors and radial tubular capacitors.  Traditionally, the large can market has been strongly supported with the use of the 36DA series capacitors, while the SMH and KMH series are still the stalwart of the snap-in products from their Lansing, North Carolina facility.   As they continue to work on new designs, they have continuously worked on upgrading these series.  They want their customers to be in position to get the highest CV values and quality in the market.  As you continue to use their product in your designs, be aware of the upgraded and newer featured series.  These series include: 

U36F, U36L, U32F 
Features:  Longer Life US and European Style LG

U767D, U787D 
Features:  Higher Vibration Designs

U82F, U81F
Features: Larger size, long life LU – 45&50mm Dia

Features: Higher CV per Case Size, Reduced Cost per Amp, Over-molded Polymer Mounting, Post Option

These series are a strong compliment to the existing U32D and U36D series, as well as, their other existing lines of large and small can capacitors. The Snap-in series are lead by their high CV series SMQ and KMQ series along with the widely used KMM, SMM, KMH and SMH series.

U32F Series

U36F Series

U36L Series

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Stepping Motor for High Performance, Low-Profile Applications


Within the compact-size motor market, motor’s main body is required to become smaller as its applications become more thinner and smaller. Nippon Chemi-Con provides micro-miniature φ3 motor and compact-size φ4, φ6 motor for Blu-ray collimate lens driving unit, auto focus lens drive unit and other applications including medical device control, compact-size valve control and micro pump control.

  • Microminiature
  • Excellent Durability
  • High Accuracy
  • High Quality
  • High Torque
  • Low Power Consumption


  • Optical pick up lens drive unit
  • Auto focus, zoom for camera
  • Gear unit
  • Medical device
  • Air pressure, flow rate control
  • Optical axis control
  • Electron microscope

φ3 Stepping Motor

φ4 Stepping Motor

φ6 Stepping Motor

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EKMG Series: Electrolytic Capacitors


The EKMG series capacitors are designed for general purpose use with an operating temperature range for most of these capacitors from -55C to +105C. The EKMG series is a miniaturized version of the EKME series with a load life of 1,000 hours at 105C with the rated ripple current applied. 

The EKMG series capacitors below 350 volts were developed to withstand HCFC cleaning agents for five minutes by ultrasonic, vapor or immersion. This solvent proof design allows all circuit board components to be cleaned together, at the same time, without resorting to more expensive epoxy end-sealed capacitors.

  • Radial lead terminals
  • Capacitance range: 0.1 to 22,000μF
  • Voltage range: 6.3 to 450VDC
  • Operating temperature range: -55C to +105C for 6.3 to 100V; -40C to +105C for 160 to 400V; -25C to +105C for 450V
  • Standard capacitance tolerance: +/-20%
  • Nominal case size (D x L): 5 x 11mm to 18 x 40mm
  • Rated lifetime: 1,000 to 2,000 hours at +105C with the rated ripple current applied, depending on rated voltage and case size 

EKMG Series

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U36D Series Capacitors


The U36D series is ideal for inverter applications requiring high ripple current capabilities. With a voltage range through 550 volts, the number of capacitors in series can be reduced. The U36D capacitors offer very large capacitance of u pto 2.2F and a maximum operating temperature of +85C. These capacitors are available with a variety of high current English or Metric thread terminals. Mounting options available are a three-footed clamp or bottom stud. (A special order two-footed clamp is also available for selected diameters). 

  • Large Can
  • Screw Terminals: High and Low Post, English and Metric Thread
  • High Ripple
  • Up to 550VDC Rated Voltage
  • RoHS Compliant
  • +85C Maximum Temperature 
  • Voltage Range: 6.3 to 550VDC
  • Leakage Current: 0.02CV(uA) or 5mA, whichever is smaller, after 5 minutes at +25C
  • Standard Capacitance Tolerance: +/-20%
  • Nominal Case Size (DxL): D=35mm (1.375") to 89mm (3.500"); L=41mm (1.625") to 220mm (8.625")
  • Rated lifetime: 2,000 hours at +85C with rated ripple current applied

U36D Series

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DLCAP Electric Double Layer Capacitors


The DLCAP series Electric Double Layer Capacitors from United Chemi-Con offer many significant power storage advantages. The DLCAP Series electric double layer capacitors from United Chemi-Con offer many significant power storage advantages such as excellent change/discharge efficiency, clean energy with activated carbon - Pb-free, Cd-free and non-acetonitrite electrolyte.

  • Available in capacitance values of 300F, 700F, 1400F, and 2400F
  • Excellent charge/discharge efficiency
  • Clean energy with activated carbon PB-free, Cd-free, non-acetonitrite electrolyte
  • Low internal resistance
  • Low temperature charge/discharge (-25C)
  • Capable of over 1 million charge/discharge cycles


DLCAP Series

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Understanding Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


The phenomenal growth in electronics has been aided by technological advances in the areas of miniaturization, cost reduction, and improved reliability in electronic components. Both passive and active components have changed dramatically as manufacturers are challenged by new and more stringent requirements.

The aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a passive component which has kept pace with the advancements in technology. This type of capacitor has traditionally been used for filtering, timing networks, by-pass, coupling and other applications requiring a cost effective, volumetrically efficient and highly reliable component.

Nippon Chemi-Con, parent company of United Chemi-Con, is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and has pioneered the development of raw material processing techniques and highly automated production systems. The product improvements resulting from these innovations have dramatically improved circuit design flexibility and led to many new applications for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

The aluminum electrolytic capacitor is composed of an anode foil, a cathode foil and separator paper which are wound together and impregnated with an electrolyte. The anode foil has an aluminum oxide layer acting as a dielectric. After the thin aluminum foil (65 to 100 microns) is electrochemically etched to increase the plate's surface area, the dielectric is produced by anodic oxidationon its surface. The cathode foil, in general, utilizes no oxidation process.

The life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is very dependent on environmental and electrical factors. Environmental factors include temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and vibration. Electrical factors include operating voltage, ripple current and charge-discharge duty cycle. Among these factors, temperature (ambient temperature and internal heating due to ripple current) is the most critical to the life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Whereas, conditions such as vibration, shock and humidity have little affect on the actual life of the capacitor.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Catalog

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