May 23rd, 2018
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The Tonar Process

The Tonar Process goes beyond "value-added." We're not just a vendor but an integrated production partner.


From working with you to design the most cost-effective product solutions to helping you build automated inventory supply systems we are committed to helping your company optimize the entire production process.

The Process - 1
 Engineering Expertise
Tonar's reps are more than sales people. They are highly trained engineers and component experts who understand that your profitability is contingent upon minimizing costs and maximizing quality.

Our reps will work with your engineers to design the most cost effective product solutions.  They will take time to understand your production process and help implement programs to increase operational efficiency and reduce supply related inefficiencies.

Their technical knowledge is honed through on-going manufacturer and in-house training.

The Process - 2
 Inventory Management

Understanding the demand-flow of your business is the first step in building an inventory management system.  We'll help you determine when and where you'll need components. Then we'll design a system that integrates with your company's existing infrastructure to automate each step of the process.

Imagine orders predicted and fulfilled automatically -- before you run out of stock. Tonar's error-free, demand-flow technologies monitor and auto replenish your component bins to keep up with production. And our electronic infrastructure and EDI systems reduce paper and eliminate delays by immediately sensing and filling orders via scanner, fax, and other systems.

We'll even plan safety stock so that you never worry about running low during high-volume demand time.

The Process - 3
 Customer Services
From global distribution to "dock-to-stock," Tonar offers a full line of custom services to help you do business your way.

We are experts with international shipping requirements like customs, packaging and documentation. We'll customize components to your specs, using customer-specific labeling, parts numbering and barcoding.  We can provide warehousing, taping and reeling, internal reports and much more.

If you have any special requirements, contact us.  We'll be glad to discuss your project.

The Process - 4