October 19th, 2017
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Tonar Industries, Inc. is an RCD Components franchised distributor. RCD Components manufactures resistors, capacitors and coils, as well as delay lines.

CE-FA054 Series Ceramic Chip Capacitors


RCD's new Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor, the CE Series, is the industry's widest range and lowest prices: 0201 to 3035 size, .47pF to 100uF, 6.3V to 4KV (up to 20KV custom available). New X5R high-capacitance dielectric offers lower impedance and ESR (especially at higher frequencies), at lower cost and smaller size than tantalum, aluminum, and film styles. Lead-free tin plating is standard. Precision matching to 0.1% available.

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RSF Series Metal Oxide Resistor


RCD's oxide film resistors are ideally suited for medium-power applications. Surge levels exceed that of other film constructions. A thick complex-oxide material is deposited on a ceramic core for optimum heat dissipation, low inductance, and high stability even after extended periods. Series RMF (mini version) utilizes highest grade cores and special processing for increased power density. Flameproof coating offers excellent environmental protection and is resistant to solvents and humidity. Available bulk or T&R (5Kpcs/reel RMF1/2, 2.5Kpcs RSF1A, 2Kpcs RSF1B & RMF1, 1Kpcs RSF2B & RMF3, 500pcs RSF3B-7B & RMF5-7).


  • 0.1Ω to 1 Meg, standard tolerances: +/-1%, +/-2%, +/-5%
  • Sizes available on horizontal tape, 1/2-3W available on vertical tape
  • Options include increased voltages, custom marking, cut & formed leads, Sn-Pb solder leads (Opt. Q), high pulse (Opt. P), ect.

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TS & TSE Series: Tangold Capacitors


RCD's Tangold construction provides superior performance and wide capacitance range as a result of a solid slug of high-gain tantalum powders sintered under vacuum. The flame retardant epoxy molding ensures optimum environmental protection and dielectric strength. Non-standard values, low-profile packages, custom marking, military screening, fusible, ect., are available.


  • Epoxy molded, UL94V-0 Flame Retardant
  • Excellent humidity and surge performance
  • Low leakage current
  • -55 to +125C operating temperature range
  • Extended capacitance range and low profile designs available

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CF Series: Carbon Film Resistor


RCD's CF series carbon films feature excellent long-term stability exceeding Mil-R-11, making it ideal general purpose resistor for many industrial/commercial applications. Melf (surface mount), high-pulse (to 12 kV), flameproof, vertical, cut and formed, hot solder dipped and Group A screening offered.

CF resistors are designed for general purpose applications. Multilayer coating and color band markings are resistant to industrial solvents and humidity. New miniature sizes enable significant space savings due to optimization of thermally conductive materials. CF22 is 1/4W in 1/8W size and is designed for mounting spans as small as 0.200" (5mm). CF50A is 1/2W in 1/4W size, CF100S is 1W in 1/2W size. 


  • Mini 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W models
  • Available with axial or vertical cut & formed leads
  • High voltage and pulse version available
  • Standard Tolerance: +/-5% Up to 10M (+/-2% Available)
  • Standard and Miniature Sizes Available from 0.1 Ohms to 22 Megohms

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GP Series: Precision Metal film Resistor


RCD's GP series precision metal films offer high performance and reliability. Pulse tolerant design, flameproof (FP meet UL94V-0), cut and formed leads, burn-in and screening offered.

GP metal film resistors and FP flameproof version are designed to provide high performance and reliability at low costs. Improved performance over industry standard is achieved via the use of high grade materials combined with stringent process controls. Unlike other manufacturers that lock users into a limited range of "standard products," RCD offers the industry's widest choice of design options, including non-standard resistance values.


  • Standard Tolerance: +/-1%, 100 ppm (+/-0.1%, 25 ppm Available)
  • Standard and Miniature Sizes Available from 1 Ohms to 22.1 Megohms

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