May 27th, 2018
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Color TFT LCD's 


Okaya's 3.5" Color TFT panels feature 24-bit Color with parallel RGB interface access. Long life, white LED backlights provide operating brightnesses up to 390 nits, with high-brightness versions also available. Touchscreen versions are available for all 3.5" displays. Okaya also offers a 3.5" TFT display with an integrated Solomon SSD1928 controller IC.


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Graphic LCD Modules


Okaya Graphic Displays are offered in over 30 standard configurations with dot sizes ranging from 80 x 80 through 320 x 240. There are many customization options available to find the product that meets your exact requirements, including: negative voltage generation, built-in temperature compensation, integrated ICs, and touchscreen. LED backlights are available in many colors. Custom Graphic LCD Panels are also available.


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Snubber Capacitor ~ AFV Series



  • For use in active filters and snubbers for electronic circuit
  • Featured metallized polypropylene films to increase electric current withstand capability
  • 50% better dielectric withstand than the HCP series and 3~5 times better than the HCE series
  • The resin case is designed to consume a smaller footprint due to the reduced length and width
  • The case top features a radius which allows for ventilated effects

AFV Series

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Custom LCD Modules


Custom LCD Modules Manufactured to your Specifications:

Can't fine a display that exactly meets your requirements? Okaya can create a Custom LCD panel for your specific application.

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