April 24th, 2018
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Tonar Industries, Inc. is an Ebm-Papst franchised distributor. Ebm-Papst manufactures a unique range of products that make them the world market leader in motors and fans. Knowledge of aerodynamic complexity and the perfect interplay between motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics form their core competencies.



ebm-papst IP68 Series Update! These environmentally protected DC centrifugal and tube axial fans range from 60mm to 190mm. 

Ingress Protection (IP) is a standard protection rating on electrical enclosures that are considered waterproof or dust proof. The importance of an IP68 rating on ebm-papst products is to ensure the highest level of protection of the electronics inside the enclosure against foreign objects and water, while also protecting the user against harmful contact. 

Ingress protection is the level of protection against the intrusion of solid objects, liquids, dust, and acciental contact with electrical enclosures inside a mechanical casing. This rating gives users a more detailed understanding of general terms such as waterproof or water-resistant. 

Environmentally protected cooling solutions are highly beneficial to applications within the Alternative Energy, Appliance, Commercial Refrigeration, Heating, IT/Telecom, LED/Lighting, Mobile markets, and Transportation.

IP68 Brochure

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ebm-papst 3300N Series DC Axial Fans


Introducing the new 3300N product series! These ultra-efficient 92 x 92 x 32mm fans offer lower noise levels and reduced power consumption while maintaining comparable (or improved) airflow when compared to the current high performance 3300 series. This series will ultimately replace the 3300 series, and for now, both series are available.

3300N Series


ebm-papst's Advanced Fan Options for Wind & Solar Energy 


Taking the heat off wind and solar generation:

As green-minded consumers and businesses are adopting wind and solar power like never before, how can alternative energy producers more effectively heat and cool the equipment that harnesses these natural sources?

The U.S. Energy Department recently pegged wind power as the number one source of new U.S. electricity generation capacity for the first time--representing 43% of all new electric additions and accounting for $25 billion in U.S. investment. 

For high-performing equipment that generates electricity from the wind and sun, efficient, dependable and environmentally sound internal cooling is critical to reduce energy consumption and increase capacity. Leveraging its years of experience in the ventilation and air conditioning sector, ebm-papst is helping manufacturers, installers and operators of solar and wind power generation systems meet their unique cooling requirements.

The company's new Alternative Energy products online brochure offers a wide range of electronically-commutated (EC) motor-driven fans with speed control capabilities as low as a few hundred rpm. These features allow solar energy producers to minimize their power consumption during partial load situations, such as on a cloudy or low wind day. To prevent wind-turbine failures due to overheating, ebm-papst offers cooling solutions for inverters and electronics, pitch drivers, generators, tower air conditioning, gear units, and nacelle air conditioning.

Alternative Energy Brochure

ebm-papst North America Overview Brochure


ebm-papst: Fans, blowers and air moving technology

Headquarters - Farmington, CT with offices in major cities throughout North America. ebm-papst serves all markets including IT & Telecommunications, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Gas & Heating, Household Appliances, Industrial, Drive Systems, Transportation, Agriculture, Medical and more! 

ebm-papst offers:

  • External support when and where you need it
  • Value-added services to meet all your needs
  • Logistics and inventory management programs

UPDATE North America Overview Brochure

DV6300 Series Diagonal Fan


Diagonal fans are ideal for applications with strict requirements regarding air performance with back-pressure and small installation space. The new fans of the DV6300 series from ebm-papst now go a step further. Besides improved blower output, the fans with electronically regulated S-Force motor also offer additional functions such as temperature based speeds, active motor cooling, closed loop PWM speed control, and constant speeds over wide input voltage ranges.

The fans have a diameter of 172mm (6.77 in) on the intake side, making them exactly the same size as the DV6200 range. On the exhaust side, the aerodynamically revised design has a diameter of 190mm (7.48 in) and an installation depth of 51mm (2in) for DV6318/2TDH4P and below performance models. DV6318/2TDH5P has a rotor protrusion of 3mm (0.12 in). The free-blowing air flow is up to 647 CFM (1100 m/h3), the pronounced pressure saddle is up to 3 in. H2O (750 Pa). At 83.5 dB(A), operating noise in the high-pressure range is about 8 dB(A) quieter than older models at the same operating point. That is due to various factors, one of them being a flange with noise-optimized links. With an efficiency of 85% for complete motor and electronics, the 350W motor is configured for a long service life at nominal output in all components. 

The DV6300 fan series is particularly well suited for applications with high endurance loads, e. g. for motor frequency inverters and switch cabinets cooling, printing machines and heat exchangers. The fans are also highly suitable for the systems requiring multiple different operating conditions such as cooling air requirements of IT/telecommunications; for example base stations, servers, etc. or in power inverters for wind turbines.


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AxiTop Diffuser for Axial Fans


To deliver an airflow through a heat exchanger, a sufficient pressure differential is needed to overcome the flow resistance of the echanger. Normally, the delivered air flows at high speed from the exit side of the fan and is dissipated into the environment. Dissipation means that the kinetic energy of the flow is converted into heat that is no longer technically utilized. The AxiTop diffuser is designed to decelerate the flow, allowing a large proportion of the dynamic kinetic energy to be converted into static pressure. This reverse-conversion boots the pressure increase of the impeller. If all components are aerodynamically optimized, this allows efficiency to be significantly enhanced, making it possible to reduce the fan speed and thus noise emissions.

In practice, the use of the AxiTop diffuser does not just mean lower energy consumption; it also means greater variance for the user and for the development engineer. The AxiTop diffuser configuration can be optimized for different characteristics, depending on the application concerned. Either a greater air performance is possible with unchanged energy input, or unchanged air performance with lower energy consumption. The AxiTop diffuser can also greatly improve acoustic characteristics. This is especially important in noise-sensitive applications (e.g. in cooling or air conditioning units operating at night).

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- Pro-Active Development
- Eco-Friendly Production


At ebm-papst, protection of the environment is part of their holistic business philosophy. Find out about what GreenTech is and what it means for ebm-papst products.

The heart of GreenTech beats in ebm-papst's extremely energy-efficient EC technology. And this is where the first direct benefit to the customer can be found! If less energy is consumed, costs for electricity will be lower. But that is just the start, for EC technology also means that the motors and fans can be controlled, regulated, and are thus able to respond flexibly to the performance requirements actually encountered. And that makes a big difference, for nothing is more economical than a unit that switches itself off when it is no longer needed. 

Another bonus of the electronics is brushless commutation. This allows our EC motors and fans to operate completely wear-free, so they are much quieter, suffer no drop in performance and have a much longer service life. 

GreenTech Brochure

What is GreenTech Video

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EC Plug Fans


- Speed Control
- Energy Savings of 50-60% vs that of AC Belt Drives


ebm-papst presents high-efficiency plug fans for air-conditioning applications of EC technology. The video attached compares EC to MEPS and HEPS motors, showing that EC motors are 15-20% more efficient. Another advantage is speed control and ease of commissioning, resulting in enery savings of 50% at 80% speed. An old belt-driven forward-curved fan inside an air-conditioning unit is used to illustrate the advantages of EC high-efficiency technology.

EC Plug Fans in air-conditioning units Video 

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From Q to iQ Motors


New highly efficient iQ motors!

  • Energy Saving 70%
  • Easily replaced (identical dimensioning of the external values)
  • GreenTech EC Technology 
  • Intelligent Controllability
  • Electronic Motor Protection


Watch the iQ Motors Video

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 S-Force Tubaxials


- ATCA Systems
- IT and Telecommunications
- Frequency Inverters
- Control Cabinets

The new generation of compact fans are divided into five series with sizes ranging from 80 to 172 mm. Each series represents the benchmark in its class with respect to air performance and pressure build-up with optimum motor efficiency and long service life. These compact fans reach nominal speeds up to 14,000 rpm and operating values that had previously been attained only by large fans. To harness this much power in a minimal space requires outstanding strength. To equip the housing, stator, bearing system and rotor for high performance, a one-of-a-kind housing design was developed with mechanical precision down to the smallest of detail.

At the heart of the S-Force series are highly compact single-phase and three-phase multi-pole motors with wear-free electronic commutation. Their outstanding features include high efficiency with low dissipated energy, maximum efficiency and intelligent function and above all - power. The new motors attain a peak power of more than 300 watts, equivalent to a 500% increase compared to predecessors of the same size.

With intelligent equipment features, the EC compact fans are perfectly adaptable and ready for individual requirements. Optional features include speed monitoring, closed loop speed control, operating monitoring, integrated or external temperature sensor, or microprocessor controlled motor management for software controlled fan operation. Additionally, the optimized inside contours of the housing, the small gap clearance between the blade and venturi housing, and the use of winglets on the fan blades ensure exemplary smooth running and constant low noise.

If a reliable, efficient, and powerful air performance solution is what you seek for your applications - look no further. The following links will provide a detailed technical overview of each member in the series.

 S-Force Introduction Video

 S-Force Brochure

 Double Your Flow Video

 Double Your Flow Brochure






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S-Force Radials


- Heat exchangers
- Fresh air filters for telecommunication cabinets
- Wireless electronic cabinets 

ebm-papst Inc. announces the latest products to extend our popular S-Force generation of fans: the S-Force Radial Blowers. These backward-curved motorized impellers are equipped with a new high-powered motor to reach performance levels not yet seen in the market.These new blowers are currently composed of six series with sizes ranging from 120 mm to 225 mm. The new S-Force generation of blowers highlights much higher pressure build-up compared to other motorized impellers in the 120 mm to 190 mm size. These high-performance air movers feature nominal speeds of up to 4600 RPM and provide airflow of up to 988 CFM which surpass performance levels of anything else currently in the market.  

The S-Force radial blowers are standard with PWM control input and speed signal. Optional features include speed monitoring, closed loop speed control, operating monitoring, integrated or external temperature sensor, or microprocessor controlled motor management for software controlled operation.

 S-Force Introduction Video

 S-Force Brochure

 Double Your Flow Video

 Double Your Flow Brochure

S-Force Radial Blower Datasheets:





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HyBlade Premium Hybrid Fans


- Massive Weight Reduction
- Ultra-Efficient Blade Profiling
- Revolutionary Noise Reduction
- Available in AC and EC Technology

The HyBlade, engineered by ebm-papst, is a revolutionary concept of axial fans that combines the benefits of two materials into an intelligent package.

The HyBlade is a hybrid fan composed of a corrosion resistant aluminum structure and spray coated fiberglass reinforced plastic blades. Compared to conventional metal components that can only be shaped by punching, stamping, bending or embossing, the plastic blades assume a sleek three-dimensional profile. ebm-papst winglet technology has been incorporated into the blade tips which aid in delivering impeccable aerodynamics and minimize turbulence between blade and housing for quiet and efficient operation.

The HyBlade can be adapted to specific operational requirements for heating, ventilation, refrigeration and climate control. Available in five sizes in diameters of 500-990mm (20-39 in.)

 HyBlade Brochure

 HyBlade Technology Video 

 EC HyBlade

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Energy Saving Motor (ESM) Technology


- Built-in Vibration Isolation System
- Can Be Programmed for Two Speeds
- Reverse Rotation and Integrated Timer Function 

The ESM is an AC powered, electronically commutated external rotor motor that can cut energy costs by 66% over the typical shaded-pole motors used in refrigeration applications! The combination of low motor load with the use of ball bearing results in long life, which equates to a  better ROI and lower maintenance cost. The ESM can be programmed for two speeds, where the minimum speed can be 40% or less of full speed for additional energy savings and noise reduction when full performance isn't required. 

Its wide acceptance in the industry led ebm-papst to expand the fan assembly series to include 6.8", 9", 10" and 12" Ø fan blades and offer versions with built-in plastic grill guards and alternate air-flow direction (intake over guard instead of exhaust over struts). You can review the complete brochure here.

 ESM Fans and iQ Motors Video


M1G055-BD Metal Propeller


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