May 23rd, 2018
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Tonar Industries, Inc. is a Cornell Dubilier franchised distributor. The source for aluminum electrolytic, mica, motor run, and AC and DC plastic film capacitors.

Type SPCX/SPSX Surface Mount Aluminum Polymer Capacitors


Cornell Dubilier announces its product line expansion of types SPCX and SPSX surface mount aluminum polymer capacitors. Both series are not available with lower ESR and higher capacitance values making them among the best performing filter capacitors for board level power conversion applications. Both types are supplied in a surface mount molded package with the same footprint as a D size tantalum capacitors in a very thin profile of 1.9mm with voltage values ranging from 2.0 to 6.3 Vdc.

Type SPCX is the most economical, general purpose series with capacitance values ranging from 100 uF to 470 uF and ripple current capability up to 3.0 A at 105ºC. The solid polymer SPCX aluminum capacitor is an ideal choice for general purpose applications in audio-visual equipment, home appliances, computers, office equipment, optical and measuring equipment, and industrial robots. The SPCX is a very cost-effective capacitor in a compact low-profile package that is offered on tape and reel. The SPCX is environmentally green and RoHS compliant. 

Ulta low ESR type SPSX has ESR values as low as 4.5 milliohms, allowing them to handle up to 4.0 A of ripple current at 105ºC. Capacitance values range from 82 uF to 560 uF. The solid polymer SPSX aluminum capacitor is an ideal choice for audio/visual equipment, home appliances, computers, measuring equipment, and industrial robots. Like the SPCX, the SPSX is a compact component. But SPSX offers a much lower ESR and a higher ripple current rating than the SPCX. The SPSX is a green product and RoHS compliant.



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EDLR Long-Life Electric Double Layer Ultracapacitor


- Long Life
- High Discharge Current
- 85
ºC Operating Temperature

Type EDLR electric double layer supercapacitors offer high capacitance values in a thru hole stacked coin type package. Primarily designed for integrated circuit voltage backup, the capacitors can also be used to deliver the initial power from batteries.

Type EDLR ultracapacitors are available in vertical and horizontal coin style packages that mount to printed circuit boards. Capacitance ranges from 0.1 Farads at 5.5 Vdc and 1.0 Farads at 3.6 Vdc with discharge current ratings of up to 20 mA. Minimum life at full rated voltage and 85ºC is 2000hrs. 


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Type 948 Polypropylene High Energy Density DC Link Capacitor


Cornell Dubilier announced availability of its Type 948D high energy density DC link capacitors for larger inverter systems. Type 948D is an excellent choice for DC link applications where high bus voltage, high capacitance, and high ripple current are required for smoothing and filtering.

Type 948D series uses the most advanced metallized film technology for long life and high reliability in DC link applications. This series combines high capacitance and very high ripple current capability needed for today's inverter designs for wind, solar, fuel cells, UPS systems and more!

Available in 990 to 2700uF and rms current ratings up to 160A, the Type 948D DC link are offered in voltage ratings ranging from 800 to 1300 Vdc. The heavy duty M10 threaded studs are used to connect the high current terminals to the inverter's bus.

Type 948D

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Type 4CMC Aluminum Electrolytic Large Can Capacitor 


The 4CMC is a high-capacitance, printed circuit mount capacitor, which offers about 50% more capacitance than comparable, same-size screw terminal capacitors. The extended cathode foil assures cool operation and an increase in ripple current capability of 15% to 30%.

Type 4CMC is an easy replacement for large snap-in or screw-terminal capacitors as is doubles your energy on the board and handles up to 50A of ripple current. The 4CMC is ideal for welders and all high-energy applications. It features three 0.062 inch diameters, solid copper mounting pins for reverse-proof mounting and case sizes from 1.375 x 1.75 to 2 x 5.75 inches.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extended-cathode construction
  • High Capacitance: 
  • 420,000 F @ 16V
  • 14,000 F @ 200V
  • 2,300 F @ 500V Ripple current capability of 50A
  • 0.062 inch diameters
  • Solid copper mounting pins


  • Welding 
  • High Energy

Type 4CMC

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