May 27th, 2018
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Tonar Industries, Inc. is a Cooper Bussmann franchised distributor. Cooper Bussmann, the industry leader in critical circuit protection fuses, power management and electrical safety, is a division of Cooper Industries. Cooper Bussmann manufactures electrical and electronics circuit protection products.

1500Vdc Photovoltaic Fuses


1500Vdc photovoltaic fuses represents a breakthrough in fuse performance that permits OEMs to design more efficient solar power systems that use smaller conductors, components and save costs. With UL, IEC and CCC approvals, the entire line permits designers to create systems that are globally accepted. PV system manufacturers can select sizes ranging from a 14x65mm ferrule fuse to four square body XL sizes, with ampacities from 15 to 400 amps.

Designed specifically to protect and isolate PV array combiners and disconnects, these high performance fuses are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV systems, such as reverse current and multi-array faults. The XL size PV fuses with their compact dimensions and options for blade or bolt mounting provide simple and cost effective project design and installation. The 14x65mm size comes with ferrules, bolt tags or 10mm fixings to accommodate multiple mounting designs. 

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CUBEFuse with Photovoltaic and Wind Power Fuses


The finger-safe CUBEFuse design delivers the benefits of up to an 80% smaller footprint compared to other fuse solutions while limiting exposure to live parts for increased safety. Listed to UL 2579, the fast-acting PVFC photovoltaic version withstands extreme temperature cycling conditions ranging from -40C through 90C. It is specifically designed to protect PV cell arrays by responding quickly to the lower fault current levels encountered in solar installations, and is available in 600Vdc ratings from 35 to 100amps.

Recognized to UL 248, the fast-acting WCF wind power version is specially rated at 690Vac and available in ampacities from 1 to 100 amps along with special 30, 60 or 100A 690V rated ampacity rejecting holders that help prevent overfusing. With current-limiting Class J electrical performance, the wind power CUBEFuse increases electrical safety by reducing arc flash hazard levels. Both the photovoltaic and wind power CUBEFuse versions feature low watt loss for increased system efficiency. 

Features & Benefits:

  • The world's first finger-safe power fuse system
  • Smallest footprint of any class including Class J, CC, T and RK
  • Meets Class J time-delay electrical performance requirements
  • The indicating version features easyD open fuse technology for faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime
  • Faster response to damaging faults to help reduce destructive thermal and magnetic forces
  • True dual-element fuse construction with a minimum of 10 seconds time-delay at 500% of rating
  • Long time-delay minimizes nuisance circuit openings due to temporary overloads and transient surges

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Modular Knifeblade Fuse Blocks


Offering greater application flexibility and enhanced safety, the new Class R, H(K) & J knifeblade fuse blocks feature an innovative snap-together design for easy assembly of required poles at point of application and optional high-clarity finger-safe covers across the entire product line. They are ideal for panel builders, processing and machinery plants, as well as HVAC and critical power applications.

In addition to the snap-together one-pole versions, factory assembled two- and three-pole configurations are available. Optional high-clarity, see-through, finger-safe covers feature test probe holes, making routine maintenance safe, quick and easy. Wire terminations inspections or thermography measurements are done without ever opening the cover. Built in standard barriers between poles further enhance safety.

In addition to modularity and safety, the new knifeblade fuse blocks also offer the industry's best ratings. Ahead of the competition, all fuse blocks meet UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Circuits (UL 508, UL 845). Additionally, blocks rated 200A and above also meet the higher UL Industrial Power Distribution Standards (UL 90, UL 67, UL 489, UL 891 and UL 869A). Additional benefits include a lockout/tagout feature on the covers that improves safety, finger-safe wire entry cutout tabs for larger wires, and an optional blown fuse indicator on the covers that speeds up troubleshooting.


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UL 1449 3rd Edition DIN-Rail Surge Protective Device


UL DIN-rail surge protective devices (SPD) deliver comprehensive UL 1449 Third Edition recognized overvoltage protection. New UL SPDs feature the same great benefits that make choosing, installing and maintaining SPDs a far simpler process. Modular DIN-rail design with color coding makes it easy to install the right module. Finger-safe construction improves electrical safety, while a rejection feature assures system integrity by preventing misapplication of SPD modules. Vibration and shock resistance according to EN 60068-2 are ideal for harsher conditions present in mining and oil and gas applications.

For the end-user, specifying the right surge protective device to prevent damage from overvoltage events has never been easier. Customers can simply select the wiring system and system voltage to be confident of getting the right solution backed by an industry-leading five year limited warranty. Once installed, users can rely on easyID local visual indication and optional remote contact signaling to monitor module status. Available with Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) up to 200kA, the new SPDs are ideal for UL 508A panel shops looking to achieve high assembly SCCR ratings.

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Fast-Acting SMD Brick Fuses CB61F Series


The fast-acting CB61F Series of SMD Brick fuse provides high breaking capacity performance in a CQC Approved SMD package. The CB61F Series offers 125Vac / 50A and 125Vdc / 300A protection up to 15 amps, which is among the highest in its class.

Key features include:

  • Halogen free, lead free and RoHS compliant
  • High Interrupting Ratings: 50A @ 125Vac / 300A @ 125Vdc
  • Wide selection with ratings from 2 to 15 amps for applications requiring fast-acting performance
  • CQC approvals to meet the growing market demand
  • cULus Certified and PSE Level 1 Certified
  • Solder immersion compatible

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